What our reviewers say?

I love it. I am a mother of 4 and I highly recommend this over anything out there for your babies.The tip is my favorite of all. It is soft and gentle on baby's nose. This Snottie packaging says it's made of medical grade silicone. That explains it.

Adelyn B.

I tried almost all aspirators in the market because my daughter gets constant stuffy/runny noses. I love the fact that there is no ongoing need for filter for this one. The ones out there make us pay for filters and expensive parts in addition to the already expensive unit. It's as if raising a child is not expensive enough.

Patrick S.

Glad I found this product. I wished I would have found this product before I bought the Nose Frida. My husband hated the Frida; he was out of breath before being able to pull out the boogies from my newborn's nose. It usually took 7 or 8 tries before my husband would be able to get some of the boogies out. Usually by that point my newborn was balling her eyes out. After ordering this, my husband used it the same day it arrived. He loved it so much he told me, "Make sure you leave a review with 5 stars!" Two or three tries and boogies were out

Amanda P.

The snotsucker I had, the tube itself is kinked at two areas and the suction is not effective anymore. I had to get a new one and Snottie was highly recommended by a friend who used it so I bought the same. I have to say besides all the added benefits, I paid special attention to the tube. It's so flexible and 100% medical grade silicone so it never can get kink no matter how I twist it. I am a happy mother knowing this thing will last me years since I plan to have a second and third!

Jean M

Wow I didn't realize how invasive Nose Frida is on my newborn's nose until I got the Snottie. It was too big for the little nostrils and too rigid. This Snottie decongester I got is soft and just the right size. It's a much better product. I'm totally recommending this to anyone! Search no more.

Ken H.

There's a free compact case that's included, which I love! That way this snotsucker never comes into contact with all the other stuffs in my diaper bag. Good job guys for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Yinan L.

No filters... thank God. Easy to clean too.

Courtney B.

Forget battery-operated nasal aspirators. They don't work. Just get a manual one. This one actually sucks snot out every time.

Leanne K.

To be honest, I was little bit reluctant when I saw the packaging. It's not very attractive for a baby product. BUT, this is so much better than anything we had so far...even from very famous brands. The suction is great. It works really nice and it is very simple for everyday use...and for cleaning as well.

Angela D.

Great quality product.

Bernard L.

This whole sucking thing is gross but super helpful.

Melissa K.

Best product in the market. Love it to the moon and back because it saves our lives.

Josie M.

I find the soft and big mouthpiece really awesome. It's easier for suction and most importantly, flexible and easy to clean 'cause it fits the thumb!!! One I got from Fridababy got too disgusting. It's too small, I can't clean the inside. I just threw it out.

Cristy K

I do find this product easy to use. Let's rephrase that, by letting me tell you a story. The first time I used this product was when my child was around one year old. We somehow managed to escape most of her first year without any major colds. In typical first time parent fashion I researched the heck out of this product before our first cold hit, so I had this Aspirator ready. I was able to use by myself without any help without much difficulty outside of the typical kicking and screaming that happens. After that first experience our child recognized this Snottie Nose Thing faster than Pavlov's dogs can hear a bell. Take a clue from the guy himself, continued experience is actually easier with slight bribery or praise. It is a learn by experience thing. It fairly easy to use this on your own, but like most parenting, it is easier with two people who are on the same page. Fast forward to the beginning of this year. Daughter is now two. This time she woke up with a stuffy nose, AND REQUESTED THAT I "USE THE SNOTTIE NOSE SUCKER." Yes, you guys....she requested it. That alone is almost worth the 5 star review.

Mika D.

This item worked so well for my daughter that I actually came back and purchased a second one to keep in the diaper bag. Not only does it actually do the job it is made for, but it doesn't bother her in the least while doing it. I love that I don't have to pay big bucks for overpriced filters that some similar products require. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

Mari A.

Love love this product!! I've tried so many nasal aspirators, with no success. I even got the nose Frieda but it's too wide at the nose piece. This is genius! It fits perfectly at my child's nasal cavity, the material is soft plastic and malleable. The tubing is not too long so it works very quick and efficiently. My son doesn't fuss much with this one. I highly recommend this for every new mom!!

Yane N.

I have no issues getting out his little boogers.

Klaitnz O.

Love it, great quality and good customer service. Highly recommend.

Jessie B.

This is the only nasal aspiratior that should be on the market! I can't even begin to describe the trouble I used to have trying to use one of the bulbs. It would leave my baby so upset and I would barely get any of the snot out after 30 times of sticking it up his nose. BUT THIS, THIS IS AMAZING. Less fuss, you don't have to stick something long up your babies nose and can usually clear it in 2 good sucking motions. I highly reccomend this to ALL!

Siyuan H.

Works like a charm. Easy to use and does not irritate baby at all.

Kayla P.

Love this product ! A must for any parent. The soft silicone is much better up against your child’s nose.

Leah P.

Our son dislikes the bulk aspirators so we purchased this product. It makes snot cleanup so much easier! It lets you suck up snot without worrying about poking your little one in the nose/eyes. I have to say I was a little skeptical about sucking up snot with a mouth piece but after the first few uses, I really started to like it. Clean up is a must after each use. A quick wash with soapy water is all it takes.

Chom D.

Works great!!! Really gross to clean out but gotta do it for my lil baby since she can't clean her own nose! Lol.

Paven K

Works really good. Didn't know my baby had that much snot until seeing it in the chamber. He still hates getting his nose messed with but it's faster than the traditional bulb booger sucker.

Mom B

Tried it on my nephew. Second time using and almost got mouthful of boogers. Too much boo- for such tiny person.

Ella M.

This is super easy to clean. Still getting the hang of how to get baby to hold still.

Marc A.

Love, Love, Love this product ! A must as long as you have a baby.

Germaine P.

I have used them all and this is my favorite. I have three kids and I have used various forms of nose suckers, including an electric one, the extremely popular nosefrida and a Japanese version that has a small plastic jar to catch the snot. This one is my favorite because of the soft silicone tip that is interchangeable and easy to clean. I also like the mouth piece on this one better. I think suction would be improved by a little bit shorter hose. Overall I highly recommend this version.

Penny C.

In my opinion, it is better than the Nosefrida snot sucker. It doesn't require any filters and you can hold it at a much easier angle. My child doesn't have to be lying down to use it well. I can use it while I'm holding him in my arms and on my hip. The only difference is without filters you need to place a tissue in the bottom of the aspirator to catch any loose mucus. If you don't, it can and will go into the tube and into your mouth. But overall, I recommend this one way better then the Nosefrida. It has a soft tip and and my son does not wiggle and squirm like he did with the hard tipped nose frida.

Leana S.

I've been using this now for almost 2.5 years and as long as I have not been getting mucus in my mouth.

Chris H.

You stick the nozzle in the babys nostril and then out the mouth part in your mouth and suck it. It’s so gentle! My little hates the normal once but this one makes her giggle!! People thinks its gross but as parent, I love it. You don't get anything in your mouth. Best invention EVER!

Devony N.

This must be the only aspirator with easy to clean mouthpiece. I am sucking this thing every day when baby gets stuffy so it’s the no. 1 priority for me!

Jeff L.

This product is very easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning. It is easy to use, and I like the fact that I do not need to continue to buy additional parts or filters to use this multiple times. It has a small clear case for storage so you can spot it easily in that messy medicine cabinet, under the sink, or that diaper bag that makes you feel like Mary Poppins.

The tip that is inserted near the opening of the nasal passage is soft enough to not bother your baby or toddler. The tubing can be rinsed easily, but I have not found any deep cleaning to be necessary because mucus does not get into it. The chamber is best used when a half of a tissue or 1-2 squares of toilet paper is inserted as an additional filter. Tissue can be easily removed, and the chamber is easy to clean.

Lisa P.

This product is perfect! Easy to assemble, easy to clean, easy to use. Tips: Disassemble and clean in warm soapy water first. My 10 month old at first resisted; having had the blue bulb syringe up her nose, she was legitimately concerned about potential discomfort. You need not put this up the nostril. Get close and suck! The snoogies do not come into the tube, if worried you can put a little of tissue in canister. Now that we have used this multiple times a day for several days she is getting used to it and looking forward to being able to breathe thru nose again. Especially helpful in am and pm with colds. Lifesaver for first two weeks of daycare.

Joan N.

My baby girl is 2 months and she recently started to wake with a stuffy nose! We have the nose frida on hand, and although I love the ease and effectiveness of it… but, our baby girl screamed bloody murder every time I used it! As I was shopping for a humidifier on Amazon the Snottie aspirator came up as something people purchased together with the humidifier! I saw that another mother also had plenty of tears with the nose Frida....I decided to try it! It doesn’t have filters to change and has a case, so far we love it!

Aleana K.

I actually got this product extremely fast. It may have been overnighted. It is not the first nasal aspirator I have purchased. This was a replacement because some of the pieces of the nosefrida I had, went missing. I was never a fan of the bulb syringe, seemed ineffective and unhygienic. I stumbled across the concept because of a facebook post from a friend about strange products. They dubbed it strange, but as a parent taking a quick glance I immediately saw the potential and after reading reviews I recommend nasal aspirators to all new parents. I don't like the idea of an electric model because I really like having control of the amount of suction so that I don't cause harm to my child. This product in particular has a couple of nice features compared to the one I owned previously. I like the soft silicone tip that goes into the child's nose, rather than a hard plastic tube. I like that there is no filter to replace, but I also read the warning that with a very runny nose a makeshift paper filter can be stuffed in there to prevent it from overflowing into my mouth. It also seems more securely put together. It is my hope that this will keep it together in one piece, and I won't lose pieces like the last one.

Delijante M.

I just had my 5th child and would recommend this product. I’ve used a lot of different products ranging from the ball syringe to battery operated booger suckers. And this in my opinion works the best and no fuss. I will be purchasing again for friends future baby showers.

Celina M.

I wish I would have found this product earlier! My son doesn't like getting snot sucked out of his nose, but this nasal aspirator makes it much quicker and is way more efficient than Nosefrida. This is the closest thing to "hospital grade" that you can use at home.


Love this thing! Never going back to the Nose Frida. Feels less cheap than the Frida and the nostril part fits in my son's nose so much better. It allowed us to get what we usually can't with the frida and probably was more comfortable for my son.

Joanne H.

New mom here and I've tried several aspirators. I've been told keep the one the hospital gave you because it's the best one. Ughhh what crap. Tried the nosefreida and its ok. My baby would snatch that thing out my hands. The tubing was to long and hard to work with. Then I stumbled across this one.. The tip is soft and it's compact. Needless to say my baby DID NOT scream bloody murder when I used this on her. To top it off the seller emails you directly to make sure you are happy with their product. How's that for customer service!! I'm keeping this in my tool bag!! I might even order another one for my diaper bag. Plus it comes in a cute little case and you don't need any filters. Press the add to cart button folks you won't regret it!!

Emily B.

I LOVE this thing! Never liked the bulb suctions, though the one I got from the hospital worled great, they harbor bacteria and can be difficult to use on a wiggly baby. Nose Frida works very well but it so hard on baby's nose. This baby nasal aspirator works wonderfully, has a soft tip which is gentle on baby, and i love that i can use it while baby is sitting as gravity helps things along! My baby (6 months) hardly puts up any fuss!

Courtney B.

Recently purchased this little device to aide my sick son (3 mnths old) he had terrible congestion and drainage disrupting his sleep and breathing. Which made my wife very nervous at nite. Our doctor recommended the device and there is no doubt it is worth every cent... it's amazing on how effective it clears the nasal passage and all the yucky gunk hiding out in there... it works perfectly preventing any of that crude from entering the suction tube... I will say no matter the fact it works and u never have any risk of contacting that stuff it's still gross. But it works wonderfully and defiantly a mother's must have. Nothing works better to relieve our son from a messy snotty congested problem. It's instant relief my son laughs and giggles his little head off every time my wife uses it on him. I know it's gross but it's cute at the same time.... even if you don't need it today get one keep it in your baby bag, it has a handy case and the unit comes apart easily to rinse clean. Its much smaller then u might think, handy and easy to stow away and the seller super sweet and very kind. Shipping was faster than planning a trip to a store to buy one. Was basically over nite for just a few dollars.... highly recommended

Reid D.