About Us

Our mission : We are committed to making parenting life easier; offering the most effective, innovative and eco-conscious solutions that are baby-centric and budget-friendly.

As parents ourselves, we truly understand the challenge of transitioning into parenthood, especially for mothers. By staying true to our mission, we have created genuine solutions that aid in bringing up your baby and make parenting more fulfilling and fun. Snottie nasal aspirator brand was born to make parenthood a little easier by improving the overall well-being of our precious children when they are feeling under the weather. With our quality and innovative designs and products, you can spend more time enjoying and capturing those magical moments.

Our founder, Juliana, is a passionate entrepreneuress with biotechnology background and proud mother to a beautiful three-year-old named Alecia. Her main inspiration for the company Julecia (Juliana + Alecia) is none other than her daughter. After Alecia’s first cold, she seemed congested no matter what Juliana did to alleviate her cold symptoms. From leading snotsuckers, to bulbs or electric aspirators and everything in between, she tried it all and nothing met her expectations. Seeing as she couldn’t find a product that actually worked and didn’t require constant filter-changing, Juliana decided to take matters into her own hands and introduce something entirely different and effective to the market. 

As Snottie team, we are here to help other parents, so feel free to reach out to us directly with any inquiries pertaining to our company or product. We will be more than happy to assist you!

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Heartfelt thanks to our support team, Randy, Sara, Francis, Jennifer, Samantha and Justin for your contribution and for shaping the organization to where we are today.

Proudly Canadian

We pride ourselves with our Canadian roots as well as our location at the heart of downtown Ottawa. As a baby-focused company, we offer only the top notch and supreme quality product for your baby and ours too – we are parents too remember…

Organization pledge

Safety, quality and cost are our core principles.

Our Quality control checks are critical to our operations. We ensure that all our brand of products are up to standard and meet all the Canadian Safety Regulations. As a company, we always endeavor to make our products better and safer through continual research and development to enhance customer loyalty in our products. Snottie is compact, lightweight, easy to use, and affordable.

Brand Excellence

Our brand stands for excellent customer service, integrity and respect in all our actions. We have a family-oriented culture and we aspire that every parent is proud of our products and ultimately raises a healthy and happy baby.

Fun Fact!

The name Snottie, our iconic brand, is derived from Snottite, which are cave-dwelling bacteria that form mucus-like hangings on the cave walls and ceilings. Thought you should know!

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