Removes mucus instantly so your baby sleeps better and you do too!

Safe and tested device to clear infant's nose in seconds!

We know what it's like when our infants come down with a cold - they have trouble breathing, which affects their feeding, makes them restless and keeps them awake. This happens because, unlike adults, infants cannot blow their noses to clear any mucus that collects and blocks their nostrils resulting in a stuffy and blocked nose.

Worry no more! We present to you Snottie snot sucker - a nasal aspirator that helps decongest your infant’s stuffy nose and get your baby back to normal breathing, feeding and sleeping in no time!

Unlike other aspirators, Snottie incorporates a SMART Filter-free design which improves hygiene and saves money as there is no need to buy filters.

The Snottie Design


Snottie is Health Canada and FDA-approved, 100% certified medical grade silicone and BPA-Phthalate Free.

Soft mouthpiece

that is flexible and easy to clean. Allows for the parent to manually suck mucus from the baby’s nostrils

Silicone suction tube

provides a passage for air flow from the parent's mouth to the baby’s nostrils. Made of certified medical grade silicone and will not crack or kink.

BPA + Pthalate free base

allows direct air flow for an effective suction

SMART Filter-FREE Safety Cover

allows for mucus to be retained and stops it from being sucked into your mouth. Also, when hand-lifted and washed, the mucus easily flushes away from it. This superior design eliminates the need for expensive filters!

Soft non-invasive tip

The soft and round silicone tip forms a seal that comfortably fits on the baby's nostrils for effective suction and avoids backflow. It also has a stopper design which prevents the tip from advancing deeper into the nasal passage unless the baby's nostril size permits - which makes it noninvasive.

Compact case

helps keep every Snottie component clean and makes it easy for travel

How to Use

This video on how to use the Snottie snotsucker is kindly provided by our awesome Canadian mom and her amazing baby who uses and loves the product!

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